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No Evidence of Disease

Date: Jun 10, 2017 09:00


Advance tickets available at Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic and Alice's.  $20 Ticket sales are shared d between Kachemak Bay Family Planning clinic and Let Every Woman Know non-profit.

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A unique band of six gynecologic oncology surgeons from across the country, N.E.D. is taking healing and the arts to a new level. Created as a cover band to entertain their peers at a medical conference, they saw the potential to reach women in a powerful way – through music. What was started as a novelty meant to entertain, has turned into a powerful awareness movement to give a voice to women effected by gynecologic cancers.

N.E.D. or ‘No Evidence of Disease’, are the words every cancer patient wants to hear. The cornerstone of N.E.D.’s Mission is education and awareness. They have released two albums of original music, that have received critical acclaim. Their songs are designed to empower women, give them hope and to break the silence surrounding gynecologic cancers.